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Monday, February 04, 2008

**wiping cold from my eyes**

Ahh yes, I'm back from hibernation.
And just in time too:

Go Giants Go!

Monday, September 10, 2007

I don't know which one to choose.
Now, there's nothing wrong with the 60GB ViPod that I have right now. Battery's functional; no audio issues; dock connector's working. I would purely be buying one or two of these things just to actually say I own one or two, and that makes me special.

But, I didn't wait for three months to blog about these iPods.

What was I saying? Yeah...
But, I do have some gripes about these players. The shuffle is just a clip-on device without a screen of some sort. The new nano looks like a women's makeup kit with a screen. I'm sure it's cute, but not cute enough for a Camry. And the metallic-finish that comes in grey or black isn't exactly appealing. Ditto for the iPod classic. Speaking of the classic, I am more likely to buy the classic for the specific reason of saying that I have a 160GB iPod music device, than I am likely to buy the touch. The familiar interface is always appealing, as is the increase in battery power, and the decrease in thickness. This looks as cool as the cassette case-sized AIWA AM/FM cassette recorder with auto reverse. But, nothing else has changed in the HD-iPod. If anything, they took away something else: TV-out no longer allows you apparently to play video in external devices. Major bummer. Of course, that bummer could be temporary...
Then there is the iPod touch; Apple's response to the PSP, with a gorgeous screen, and awesome design. WiFi may give Zune a run for it's money (as if the ViPod hasn't done so yet!) Now, why the hell did Apple get rid of the speaker!?!?!? 16GB of flash memory may guarantee gapless playback from song to song to song; but 16GB can only hold my favorite songs in every genre. That is not enough to house every song that everyone I know may wanna hear. 160GB though, just might do the trick.

This could all be resolved if there was a way to put the 160GB drive into the iPod touch. That WOULD be hot.

What else did I wanna say?!

Rush Hour 3 - 8.5 out of 10
Great to see Chris Tucker again. Not so great to see him without some sort of evolution in character. Jackie can still whip some butt and look good doing it even for his current age. Not as loud as the previous two Rush Hour flicks, but this one still gets the job done; doing enough to indicate that this just might be the last run for the Chan/Tucker tag team.

The Bourne Ultimatum - 9.5 out of 10
Great finish to the Bourne Conspiracy. Continuity was flawless; Stiles is still hot, and the action never ceases to please. What else can I say about it?! This trilogy is complete, and goes out with a bang.

Transformers - 10 out of 10
After seeing this film 3 times (one was opening night, two was with family, third was with co-workers in Digital), I can honestly say I look forward to seeing Shia LaBeouf in Indiana Jones IV. I also wonder if there is any possible relation to Sabrina LaBeouf of The Cosby Show fame...
Great to hear Peter Cullen up and about. Ditto for Darius McRary of Family Matters fame; he played Jazz, the only auto-bot to be killed by Megatron in the film. This film wasn't corny, didn't overstay its welcome, and actually made me want to see it again. And with such success, we are almost guaranteed to see the likes of Thundercats, Robotech, and Voltron in the near future. But the remake I look forward to most of all:

Knight Rider.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry - 9 out of 10
I expected this film to somehow end differently. But nonetheless, it was very refreshing. Ving Rhames as a homo gave me a newfound respect for the guy. Kevin James and Adam Sandler are actually a good team; I won't say the best pair until I see Reign Over Me with Don Cheadle. Jessica Biel was hot; she redeemed herself from that Stealth disaster. The jokes were funny, even Dan Akroyd kept me going. My incoherence has indicated that I can't say much else about the movie. All in all, a decent comedy.

Reggae Carifest - 8 out of 10
I really wanted to check out both Irie Jamboree and Reggae Carifest this year. I also wanted to attend the Smooth Jazz Festival yesterday with George Benson. But automotive issues prevented me from attending the last two venues. So I chucked over $50 to see Movado, Bounty Killer, Ninjaman, Buju Banton, Collie Buddz, and some other performers whose names I could remember. I read somewhere that Jah Cure might pass through for Carifest; then I read on my way home that the source that provided that information was misinformed. So just imagine my relief when I was informed that he didn't perform at Jamboree either. The positive: Aside from Pinchers, Sean Kingston, and Lucky Dube not performing that night, every major act that was supposed to be there that night was there. I would like to have heard Pinchers do I'm a Don or Bandelero; the same could not be said about Mr Kingston, whose Beautiful Girls has now made me naseous. The Negative: The acts did not have enough playing time. Even though Bounty, Buju, and Ninja all bashed gays despite of the petition against it, Buju was on for 45 minutes; as opposed to Bounty who was there (and not properly introduced) for 8 minutes. Tinga Stewart didn't even get to perform Cover Me with Ninjaman, and that fact alone got me heated...
All in all, still worth the $50, plus the $10 parking, plus the $5 tip I gave the security lady for letting me park in the handicapped parking.

That was what I wanted to post for now. Pics and further developments in the near future.
I didn't get tired of blogging, at least not yet. Work is work, I am fine, and I am driving into a new branch. Sorry for the three month delay...


Sunday, June 10, 2007

How long has it been since I got the chance to post anything here?
So long, I was notified when I logged in that I have to convert my signin information with the Google system.
It must have been that long.

In any event, in my three month absence, I have been shifted through three branches at work, and finally have acheived one of my resolutions for the year. Now all I need is a haircut, and I'll post some pictures for the summer start. And who knows what I get to post next time?

Perhaps this is just to say that I've been necked up in work & life, not so much knocked out of blogging existence.

Quiet As It's Kept
George Howard
Dancing In The Sun

I hope you guys are having a fantastic Puerto Rican Day!
Until the near future...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It's been two months, and I can't quite figure out how I'm gonna start this.

Well, I hope Valentine's Day for everyone was pretty good. Despite the snow, I trooped out to the Beacon Theatre to see Jonathan Butler, Dave Koz, and David Benoit perform. Quite awesome stuff, if I do say so myself. And BeBe Winans was there, too. After all these years, and apparently for only $20, he still has it. Dave did tease the fact that Anita Baker (one of the few artists I have yet to see perform) was snowed in Detroit. Despite that, Winans was more than a suitable replacement.
As for his sister CeCe, I may get to see her for a Mother's Day performance coming up in May. The catch: I have to invite my mother...

Well, I'm still alive. I've shed several pounds over the last year, a feat I am most proud of. Now, I will improve on it by shedding a few inches more. And before anyone asks, there is no secret but plenty of walking and some salads for lunch.
Every time I'm at work.
Sure, I've been accused of being half a man. Sure, the scent of Popeye's and McDonald's has tempted me. But, thank God I get to hear fellow co-workers say I need to lose weight, and know I'm not singing that tune with them!!

Well, I'm still working. Working to get myself an automobile. Working to improve my financial and professional status. And oh yes, still working at North Fork, soon to be Capital One, Bank. But this next piece of information is very recent: I'm en route to a promotion. Nothing big; just a supervisory gig, as head teller. Part of the reason for my absence has been my training for the job...
Another part of the reason has been MySpace. I will post another freelance on there, and am in the process of moving some, if not all, my work to MySpace. Is this my way of publishing? Not really; I plan to make that aspect a reality, alongside my own publishing company. That company is a project me and the NewDanger have undertaken; once we have our books of poetry published, we would take our own material, and publish it ourselves. That IS the plan...

I'll save whatever else I wanted to say for sometime this month. Til then, This new blogger is like, wow...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This is so past tense; but better late...

Seriously, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and are on the start of a kick-ass new year! 2006 was altogether too fast for me, especially accomplishment and weather wise. Somehow in the year 2006 (actually, with the help of salads and walking) I lost 45 pounds!! That is a high note that I truly must thank God for. Also, my wardrobe has been updated; that too was long overdue. Finances have improved, and I was one step closer to a relationship...
Too bad I ended three steps behind, with the floor swept from right underneath me.
Despite all that, 2007 has brought me some new prospects. I have entered another social clique of sorts which just planned a cruise trip (the real cruise, not the sail around the Hudson that I've been so used to) for June. To the Caribbean. Yup, I'm heading for the big-time!
Female-wise, I'm getting to know two SSF potentials; one who works with me at the otffice, the other who makes seldom appearances at the office. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. The co-worker is just that, a co-worker. While she seems quiet and focused on the surface, the fear of our possible relationship being known to the rest of the staff frightens me. I've been at that branch 3+ years, and they still don't know/remember my birthday. That's how little they know about me. That stealth of my life might disappear should I start devoting time to one of the fold...
The other SSF is in school for her MBA, works on the side, and seems to have a lot in order. My friends believe she's pretty much an unknown, who on the surface may be a bit too much for me. To me, the too much part is not the problem; to err is human, and anything beats the virtue of never even trying. My problem however is that she is an unknown; while that's where the fun is, it's also where the risk is. Well, it is I who says no risk, no reward, right??

Look What You Have Done
Little John
Original Stalag 17-18 and 19

The VP records store in Brooklyn had this treasure CD just lying around. $14.99.
Is this one on sale?
"No, chief. $14.99."
You sure? It's quite an oldie. I see the Dancehall 101 series just 11.99...
"Trust me, man. $14.99"

He wasn't joking.
I bought the King Jammy's Studio Series Volume 4 along with the Stalag CD. Classics man, true classics.
But at 14.99, it's highway robbery.

My Virgin Moment at the Nuyorican
At the behast of the The New Danger, I performed at the Nuyorican one Wednesday in November. Typically, when I go with Steve to these poetry slams, they read their pieces, and people clap, or show love as the MC says, afterwards. Steve reads, and that was the end of my time there. So I went this particular Wednesday, expecting something similar. I, however, get treated to a contest of sorts, where they rate your poems. Now I had some arsenal, but being that this was my first time at the Nuyorican, I wanted to say something fresh and original. So I updated the 4-Train Writer, prepped just a little bit. The competition was fierce and on-point, with topics ranging from sex, to a lack of game, to racial predjudice and assimilation, to the Holocaust. And I'm going to this thing, my first time mind you, speaking about a 4-Train writer. Always one to finish what I start, I went ahead with it all. While the reaction wasn't that great (21 out of 30), the poets there did like my execution and delivery of the poem. Maybe they were being honest; maybe they were being nice. But the feedback I was hoping to get was indeed lacking.
Will this stop me from doing this again?!
Probably not.
Will I unload The Gentleman?
Probably so.

Who knows!?!

Rocky Balboa
The last feel-good movie of 2006, Sly Stallone pulls out a great performance. Big-ups to Antonio Carver (Mason "The Line" Dixon) for putting a more-than-believable performance as the 21st century Apollo Creed. Even though the title name would suggest otherwise, I wished they got inside Dixon's head more. He would seem less like a prick, and more like fighter who cares about his craft. But alas, this film still delivers. Dunno about a tear-jerker, but it does have its moments.
And no, he didn't die. He didn't win, either. But in tradition of the classic, it was supposed to happen that way.
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

A Night At The Museum
I saw this movie because my barber was going to see this movie. We ended up at different theatres, but at least we still saw the movie. And believe it or not, this movie was surprisingly refreshing! Owen Wilson and Robin Williams didn't seem too overbearing; and Ben Stiller was good in his typical fashion. To me, he's now the funnier version of Tom Cruise. The similarities are now a bit too striking...
And oh yeah, it was great to see Dick Van Dyke again.
Rating: 9 out of 10

One more thing before I go: I'mma try to publish my favorite freelances on my MySpace. Perhaps they'll be seen a bit more. But in time, I may get rid of the freelance site altogether, now that I got my first 50 up there.
Until next time...
The cold awaits!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

** Turning The Quarter **
As I look back at the last twenty-five years of my life, I realize that I could not have asked for a more fascinating tale, filled with many antagonists, so many hits & misses, and very dedicated friends. I look at the family of me, my parents, and my brother. Somehow, for the time we all spend together, we have stayed a family. Other family members come and go, but it the long run, it's always the four of us. It's gonna be hard leaving the nest; even though it must be done. My brother talking me to death as I type, even he dreams of us moving out and living large. Little does he know that journey just might be a solo flight...
But as mi mum says, "all you have is your family."

Did you know that George Michael celebrates twenty-five years as a pop musician? That I found a very fascinating find, considering I actually listen to him, a lot.

George Michael
Twentyfive {UK Version}

This compilation is a great update to Ladies & Gentlemen. Flawless & This Is Not Real Love make the cut, while Monkey and Kissing A Fool are gone. Translation: Don't go selling Ladies & Gentlemen. You just may need it...

Casino Royale - 10 out of 10 - if you've yet to see this movie, don't be prejudiced by Daniel Craig's blond hair. It is worth the $10.75!! See the friggin movie!!

The Pursuit Of Happyness - 8.75 out of 10 - As a college graduate, I KNOW a thing or two about the struggle. If you have parents like mine, who kicked your ass at the possibility of you dropping out of college, then they'll teach you a thing or two about the struggle. If you still dunno about it, see this movie. A lot of people cried opening night, not realizing that it actually was that rough in the early 80s. It may not be that rough today; the struggle adapts and morphs to find itself in the 21st century, but trust me, you'll adapt to it in time.
As for Will Smith & son, the key to this flick's success is their relationship. Their scenes stole the show. Without it, it may not do that good. Do I see him winning the Golden Globes? Possibly, unless they actually award it to Forest Whitaker. Do I see him winning the Oscar...
As much I love his movies, no I don't.
See the film anyway. I found the ending to be most rewarding part.

Up next, Rocky Balboa.
I hope that should Rocky die, he dies after beating Dixon. Of course, in the name of keeping up with the original, that might not come to pass; being that the chase to the title is what made Rocky famous. But hey, you never know.

I Want You [Full Version]
Marvin Gaye
I Want You [Deluxe Edition]

In twenty five years, I've had one true relationship, several possibilities in the mix, one girl that got away, and a skank whose current boyfriend's insecurity can outrival Joan from Girlfriends. All in all, I may enter #25 still single, but my love for love music has yet to die. The full version should be on MySpace. But I can't find it...

Oooooooh it's too bad
it's just too sad
you don't want me now...
But I-hi'm gonna change your mind
someway, somehow...
oh baby!

I want you
the right way
I want you
But I want you to want me too...
I want you
to want me baby
     ...like I...
         ...want you...

I pine for the day that I too will get to reinact this song...

Since after Thanksgiving, I've been trying to post something. This is what I started with:

I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving!
To me, this year has gone incredibly fast to even realise that I'm approaching Christmas!
And this Christmas, I intend to extend my "Secret Santa" services to most of the crew compliment at my job. Yes, the same place I've been in the last three years. With some managerial changes, I can only hope that with that I'll get caught up in the rapture, and be promoted! As to the Secret Santa services, I'm gonna surprise some of the kittenz with a little something...

My Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. In the talks of the turkeys being to dry this year (must be the speed in time), we had lamb. Good stuff, very good stuff...

So what else have I been up to, besides lookin' good and looking for more commendations, which just might lead to my promotion?
Well, allow me to explain as I quote from my old ABOUT ME page:
Wow, dude! Some of the poems, err freelances, are really cool. Have you considered publishing your works, or maybe going to Def Poetry Jam or somethin'??
Yes. And No. Yes, I have considered publishing them; God knows how I'd feel if some jabroni out there is taking credit for my work. However, it is my belief that publicly expressed poetry, like those found in Def Poetry Jam, are done in a specific fashion, and get a specific reaction from the crowd. And my freelances don't cater to those responses. That's why I probably won't go public with my work. That doesn't mean the window is completely closed on the matter though; it is most likely one of my friends will encourage me to read one of freelances aloud, I in my restlessness will do it, and I might go big with it, or most likely get booed out the building. While chances are unlikely, they are stil possible, and very probable...

My Virgin Moment at the Nuyorican...
I'm going to bed. I'll finish this later on in the day...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's been an emotional rollercoaster these last couple of months.
What started as the beginning of a possible relationship with a beautiful, new-jack-swinging, funny-as-hell SSF turned into a friendship with a stressed out, nicotine-laden, lady from the street. This journey came complete with an ex-husband (yeah, that was a shocker,) her trip to Riker's Island to visit the dude in question, three more dates, and the eventual realization that I need to back away. I admit, despite the obvious, I still felt something for her. But when she said something about me telling her ex something, I decided enough was enough...

Yup-yup-yup, I'm well rested, well dressed now.
Still at the job, holding tings down...
Still looking for SSF...

This was the last date with the mailbaglady; that's what I'll call her. We went to the most ghetto theater in Brooklyn, and went for the 12:10AM showing. In my estimation, with as much baggage out as possible, OutKast attempted to do too much with this film. It got a little predictable after awhile, and too reminiscent of Purple Rain. And what did momma say about playing in and around caskets, Apollonia??
Kudos to Terrence Howard, for putting a solid outing.
Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Jet Li's Fearless
If this truly is Jet Li's last martial arts flick, the dude went out with a bang.
A big bang.
Was that Nathan Jones, the dude that had only one WrestleMania appearance next to the Undertaker, who got saved by Jet Li?
Yes, it indeed was.
The action was indeed better than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which was a breath of fresh air for me.
The ending was indeed better than Hero, which was soooo important to me.
Yes folks, see this movie for the action and story, well balanced if I do say so myself.
Sure, you can buy the Asian DVD, but like Jackie Chan's New Police Story, some things are still worth waiting for.
Rating: 9 out of 10

The Departed
What!?!?! This movie kicks so much ass, it's not even funny!!
Okay, the screenplay is loaned from Infernal Affairs. But so much is better in this version: Jack Nicholson is almost Joker-like in this film. The only one who could be a better prick than Matt Damon is Christian Bale, who IMO would've been great in that role. The Leo DiCaprio/Mark Wahlberg/Martin Sheen trio was awesome; and oh, the ending was off-the-chain!!
See this movie. If you love Michael Mann, and wonder if the Nicholson/Scorcese pairing was amazing, see the movie.
Rating: 10 out of 10

Now, the undying question: CPA-bound, or grad-school-bound?
Until later, guys...